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06/21/23 - Competition Team

Hello Trojan Cheer,

As we are looking ahead to next year I am trying to plan our Competition Season. Comp team is COMPLETELY optional and anyone on any team is eligible to TRY OUT. Anderson enters the Game Day Division which consists of a cheer, a chant, a band chant, and our fight song. More about tryouts will come later but as for now, I am trying to get an idea of how many people would even be interested in tryouts AFTER you understand what is required. Read below very carefully and ONLY respond to me separately if you DO PLAN to try out. There is time and money involved and it is very important that one understands all of those details BEFORE responding. Emailing me back and saying Hi Coach Gayla, Suzy Q plans to try out for the comp team. Thank you! is all that is needed should you decide you DO want to pursue it.

I would like responses by 6/28/23.

TIME: (all dates and times are mandatory)

*Comp team will meet on an additional morning (probably Mondays) starting early in the school year and will continue coming on that morning every week. It will be in addition to the Tuesday and Thursday 0 hour that we already have scheduled for the year.

*Comp team will learn the material on Sunday, August 13, 2023 from 12pm - 5pm

*Comp team will begin going to Cheer Station on Tuesdays once football season is over. I don't have that time yet but it will be Tuesdays after school for 2 hours.

COMPETITION: (all dates are mandatory)

*NCA STATE in Dallas 12/10/23

*NCA NATIONALS in Dallas 1/19/24 - 1/21/24


*All costs are offset by the participating athletes and that includes, hotel, transportation, meals, etc. The total BALLPARK cost for this is $1200 which is NOT all due up front but rather paid out over time. An initial $200 would be due up front after we have tryouts and begin working.

*We do have additional fundraising opportunities for COMP TEAM including our Holiday Cheer Parent's Night Out and Snap Fundraiser. The cost is ultimately up to the participating athletes.

*There are no extra uniforms involved as they wear what they already own and we do provide a special bow for competition.


*In the event you do not make the team, you will have the option of being an alternate. What does that mean? You would still come to all of the practices, competitions, etc. and pay the same fees as everyone else and participate in all aspects except being on the mat for competition. Last year, we DID end up using an alternate at the last minute so it is a very important role as well. It is completely up to the athlete whether or not they want to accept an alternate position and will not be frowned upon should they decide to pass on that opportunity.

Please read this and think it over carefully and LMK if you have any questions. Competition is an absolute blast and is the BEST WAY to improve your game day skills beyond football season. We DO use our COMP Routine in our Winter Pep Rally too so everyone back home will get to see it!

Have a great day and GO TROJANS!

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